New Etsy Shop for Children

I have just opened up my new AnimalFaces  Shop on Etsy which will feature animal art aimed initially for children’s nurseries. When you have a moment please visit and let me know what you think of it, just clink on the link below

AnimalFaces Etsy Shop

As everyone knows I love painting animals, especially Australian flora and fauna.  My friends are starting to call me the bird lady!

So for fun, I thought I would invent a Family of Australian Wood Ducks.  Where we lived on a canal, in our last house, we had these cheeky little fellas who used to swim up to our boundary and we greatly enjoyed feeding them and their little babies.

Working on my McDuck Family

So I have created the McDuck Family.

Please meet Mr and Mrs McDuck and their 3 children – Tilly, Ellie and Liam.   Mum and Dad are very proud of their children; Tilly loves to shop (she particularly likes shoes and is always adding to her collection), Ellie loves the beach and is wearing her new polka dot bikini and Liam spends all his free time down at the skate park.

As times goes I imagine that I will introduce more members of the family eg Grandma and Grandpa and I’m sure that as the children grow, they will and have boy and girlfriends, get married, have children!

Over the years I see myself adding to these family portraits and maybe maybe writing a story about their lives.

I hope that children become to love them and would like them on the walls of their bedrooms.

McDuck Group pics

I look forward to your feed back.


Further experimentation with geometric

I have continued with my experimentation with geometric patterns in my art.  It has been interesting and a little fun.  organic-geometric

I  just completed this piece called Organic Geometric.  I attempted to mix my organic style with geometric patterns. The subject is is based on items found in the garden – ferns, flowers and wood.  I decided to use different sized pieces of small branches from my own garden to create a pattern down one side of the artwork.  This I did by dipping the ends of the twigs into the paint and then stamping them onto the canvas. The resulting orange circles show the growth rings inside each of the branches, which I felt made a nice touch.


I found I had to hold my self back to ensure that my organic style of painting did not take over the geometric patterns however I am quite pleased with the end result.

I will definitely continue to include geometric patterns in future work.

My largest Painting ever!

I have just completed my largest painting ever!  A large Abstract Triptych.Abstract Tryptich on wall

I was commissioned to paint this piece for a very large wall in my client’s living room.

The brief was that it had to be bright and colourful and large!

The final piece  (made up of  three canvases)  measures 1600 mm deep  by 350o mm wide when  hung.

After collaboration with the client, it was eventually decided to use bright oranges, lemon, purples and greens to cascade across the canvases.Abstract Tryptich close up on wall

There is a suggestion of creeks and  fallen leaves and in the background rain forest trees through a mist.

Abstract  tree roots and drooping fronds of palm berries finish off the piece.

This commission was enjoyable to complete and the client loves the work so everyone is happy!Abstract Tryptich

Australian Animals Reading Bookmarks

One of my favorite pastimes is reading. When I was younger my Mother used to call me a Book Owl because I would rather sit and read a book than do my chores.  I therefore thought I would paint a few images that I could use for bookmarks as I love to slip a bookmark into all the Birthday Cards that I send to family and friends.  I chose the theme for these bookmarks of Australian animals enjoying the pleasure of reading.

This bookmark series has just been added to ArtiSueBee shop on Etsy – .ArtiSueBee

Pete the Pelican: I love watching these fellows. They always look so intelligent and I’m sure they would enjoy a good read as much as I do!

Ollie the Owl: with his thick reading glasses and intense gaze, he definitely looks like a ’Book Owl’.

Jackie, the kookaburra: I love listening to their laugh. They always look so cheeky and I’m sure they would enjoy a good laugh when reading a Joke Book.

 Joey the Kangaroo: Joey certainly loves his Mother reading him a bedtime story.











Kenny the Koala: He certainly looks like he is enjoying his favorite story in the branches of a shady gum tree.

Blackie: My magnificent Black Cockatoo is enjoying reading a good yarn.

koala 1










Eccy the Echidna: Such a prickly little fellow but this means he is left in peace when he reads with no one bothering him.

I hope you like them.






I’m Excited to be invited to join the Australian Wandarrah Group on Etsy

I am very excited to accepted as part of the Australian Wandarrah Group on Etsy Australia  which has 1756 members.  Please click on the 2 inks below to see the fabulous hand-made items available from my fellow Australian artists.  The two links are Shop Australia NZ and Pintrest Art and Photography  – just click on each link.  You will be amazed.

Shop Australia NZ Handmade, Vintage & Supplies from Etsy sellers in Australia & New Zealand



Why do we need art in our home?

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Why do we need art at home? It doesn’t have a practical purpose as does furniture, lighting or curtains. However one of the main reasons is, is that art has a very powerful emotional impact on us as it concentrates thoughts, aspirations, feelings and fears of a person who created it.  Myself as an artist, an empty wall or table just cries for attention. I see these as great places to display art.

In most instances artwork is often brought as the finishing touch. It’s one of the elements that can instantly warm up a space and make it feel like home. Art can also expand a space both visually and emotionally, give us a window to the world, add colour, create a theme, and infuse welcome doses of personality and interest in a room. Another reason for having paintings at home is that it can drastically transform the space: make it look bigger, enhance the colour scheme and correct proportions of furniture.

Artwork should appeal to you as you will see it every day and you have to really like it. When it comes to buying art many people are stuck when making a decision. How to choose the right one? Which one will suit the house? Will it be an investment or a loss of money?

Sometimes you fall in love with a particular work, buy it and then you build your home decor around it. Painting in that case serves as a primary source of inspiration: you may pull out the colours, textures and shapes from it and then introduce them in interior design through furniture, accessories and textile.

Another common interior design trick is repetition of colour. If you have a painting with lots of blue, introducing the same colour somewhere else in the room will create a feeling of continuity and flow. This can be done through accessories – decorative cushions, rugs, vases and figurines.

However as an Artist, I have the luxury of being able to paint my own artworks to suit our existing room colour, furniture, rugs and accessories.

To this end I have just completed the artworks for our living room.  We have a large comfortable sofa and 2 beautiful single wing chairs which are covered in rich and colourful materials. The walls are off white and the floor is a lovely redwood timber floor.

Wall PoppiesWhat we needed the artwork to do was to add pops of colour. We would then finish the room off with colour co-ordinated cushions and throws.

The main sofa is covered in a cross between olive green and lime. Therefore to add the pop of colour we wanted, I chose the colours purple and lemon for the main artwork above the sofa.  The piece is an abstract painting of purple and lemon poppies.  I am very happy with it and it sits beautifully above our sofa.


The second painting was to go over our two wing chairs which are covered in a lush leaf pattern of green, lime and white.  Because of the bold pattern in the covering, the painting to go above these chairs needed to be much gentler in pattern and softer in colour.  So for this piece I painted an image of wattle flowers and branches.   Again, I am happy with how this piece fits into the room and it feels like it belongs.

Don’t forget to visit my store to buy artwork for your own home.

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