I Love Shopping


This abstract is fun. My young fashionista is happily shopping in Surfers Paradise carrying large shopping bags full of trendy clothes.

Method: Oil with cold wax in many layers of paint scratched and gouged to create interest and depth.

It is not a large piece, it is only 61cm x 45cm xc 5cm.

This piece was painted for the Lethbridge Small Scale Art Awards and I was lucky enough to get to be a finalist. I was very pleased.

Surfing at Laceys


Surfing at Laceys

Painted on Board

40 x 40cm x 2cm

I walk the beach at Lacey’s next door to the mouth of Currumbin Creek each day and I love to watch the surfers catching their waves.  Alongside Currumbin Creek, Lacey’s is a popular spot for serious surfers.

Painted in oil with cold wax medium on a cradled board. This is another piece in my Smaller Art Collection. I create these small pieces for those homeowners who do not have wall space for large pieces of art.  I believe everyone should live with art, I hope these small pieces enable them to live with art in their home.

Sun loving species in its natural habitat.



Oil on Board using wax medium

Measurements: 81cm by 81cm

Most Australians live near the coast so going to the beach is a popular leisure activity. I live on the Gold Coast so I regularly paint sun surf and sand.

I love the human form; this piece shows a local sun loving species in its natural habitat.  Two figures are revelling in the sun, soaking up its warmth; his face is turned toward the sun however she is obeying Australia’s slip, slop and slap slogan and wears a hat to shade her face.

Do you feel their languid repose as they nearly melt into the sand – life’s a beach!

Retrospective musings.

The other day I was browsing through images of some of my earlier art works.

In particular, it was interesting to review my early abstract pieces.  Two in particular still stand the test of time.

Red Beach Towel, Yellow Bikini

This piece was a tribute to the beach culture of the Gold Coast.  The saying goes that ‘Life is a Beach; all you need is sun, sand and sea.

This piece was done as a tryptic and was painted in oil and was my very first attempt at abstract.

Red beach towel and yellow bikini tryptic

Caged Music

My second attempt at abstract was a diptych.  Caged Music was painted in oil and was an exercise in texture.   I remember the fun I had fun finding all sorts of materials to build up the texture of the painting.

bird cage dyptich

Both of these pieces were sold and I hope the owners are still enjoying them.


Welcome to my back yard.

currumbin morningThis morning I went for my early morning walk and I always walk along the sand and paddle in the waves.  Yes – I know, I am very lucky to have this beautiful ocean as my back yard.  Today the sun was shining, the water was glistening and it was just perfect!

glistening morning

As I stroll along the sand I am always on the lookout for beautiful, perfectly shaped pebbles.  If you have visited my shop on Etsy, you will have seen that I paint beautiful little green tree frogs on these pebbles either as paperweights or rubbing stones.  Every pebble is unique as no two stones or little green frogs for that matter, are ever the same as I paint each frog to suit the pebble.

finding pebblesSometimes it is not easy to find enough of these pebbles however I acknowledge that the ocean gives these pebbles as gifts whenever it wishes, not when I require them.   So I am always grateful.  Today I was lucky to find two lovely specimens.




Anyhow to get back to what I was intending to talk about today – the ‘Dog Friendly; Beach.

Near where I walk each morning is a ‘Dog Friendly’ section where people can take their dogs to walk and play on the beach and swim in the ocean.  It is always such a joy to watch these canines and their owners have such a great time.

catch that ball a Watching owners throw ball for their dogs is entertaining and I have noted that it is often the dog who controls the ‘catch ball’ game.  I love the way the dog drops the ball on the sand just far enough away so the owner has to walk to pick it up.  I personally think that this is the dog’s way to remind their owner just who the master is in the relationship!

Anyhow it is all very entertaining to watch.

catch that ballSo I hope you enjoyed these photos of my back yard as much as I enjoyed my morning walk.

Thank you.