Life is like a River

Journey of a River

A River

A drop, a trickle, it swells and grows

little by little, untamed it flows

laughing and bubbling beneath the sun

fearlessly thru valleys and forests it runs.

Ebb and flow over pebbled beds

Rain falls, it broadens, water spreads.

Man taps its strength to harnesses its power

Dammed – it deepens and then moves slower.

Imprisoned by concrete, it finally breaks free

to finish its journey, heading to the sea.



A challenge to write a Poem about Love

This challenge was put out by a fellow blogger, Marlyn Exconde.  So I thought I would give it a try.

The poem had to be no more than 10 lines.  Each line had to contain only 4 words and each line heart_of_love_201813had to have the word ‘love’ in it.

Can you rise to the challenge?  Please try yourself and send in your poem.

Anyway – here is mine.

Love, how many ways.

 Love of beauty fair

 Children’s love- beyond compare

Love a wondrous emotion

Animal love unending devotion

Love thy Neighbours –  feat

Food, love to eat!

Love of money – weakness.

Love fellow man- greatness.

Love is human kindness.