The Dangers of Swimming at night

We often have International students stay with us as part of our family.  Peter and I feel it is our responsibility to give them sound advice to protect them whilst they are staying on the beautiful Gold Coast.

All that the students want to do is enjoy our beautiful beaches, swim in the surf and enjoy the exciting Gold Coast night life….. but there are dangers.

Recently when I was going through all the safety rules with our latest student – swim between the flags, don’t swim out too far, don’t swim at night,  don’t’ drink too much, steer away from the shady characters of the night light, watch out for your friends – a dark  surreal image popped into my mind.

For a while I tossed this image around in my mind as subject for a painting, and the more I thought about, it evolved into a dark warning to all dangers of the night!

Of course once I finished painting this image, I had to write a poem to accompany it.  The poem took on the dangers of the dark and asked the reader to imagine the word was like the ocean, deep dark and mysterious, full of beauty and dangers.

Dangers of swimming at night.

The Dangers of swimming at night

An ocean is a world of its own

A mystery, an unknown zone

Wonder at its undiscovered depths

Respect and love its strength.

The ocean gives , the ocean takes

Upon shores its endless waves break

We sail upon, we fish, we play

Sun shines on blue through  the day.

At night, we swim for fun

No fear,  let our inhibitions run

Who cares what lurks beneath,

Way down, down in the deep.

However danger goes before.

Check who’s watching the shore

Swim in close don’t go too far

Stay in, don’t cross the bar.

Monsters of the deep

Into your world they’ll creep

They slip in under your skin

Too late,  when did it begin?