Shattered Memory

Shattered MemoryThe other week whilst we were vacuuming and moving furniture around the bedroom, we accidently knocked a small figurine off my bedside table.

Whilst the figurine was neither an antique nor an extremely expensive piece of porcelain, to me it was priceless, a part of my life that has been on my bedside table for over 30 years.  Throughout all the moves and all our different houses, this figurine always sat on my bedside table.

It has given to me by my Mother as a congratulatory gift when I successfully applied for a position as District Manager for a Global cosmetic company many, many years ago.   When I acquired the position I was the youngest Manager for that company in Australia.

Throughout the years, whilst I dusted the figurine, or moved it, I would be reminded of, and think fond thoughts of my Mother and the enjoyable years that I spent working for that Company.  This got me thinking about how an inanimate object can hold so much power and evoke such memories.

Throughout our lives our various experiences are usually associated with loved ones, friends, special places objects, music or fragrances.  Our brain organizes and reorganizes itself in response to your experiences, forming memories triggered by the effects of outside input prompted by experience, education, or training. Later whenever we come across one of these triggers, our mind immediately takes us back to that time or place. . Depending on the circumstances that surrounded that precious experience, we are reminded of pleasurable or sad memories and we relive again in our minds what that memory was about and the feelings we experienced then.  Finding old holiday pictures usually does this and they help us appreciate relationships and experiences in our current life.

Now when dusting in the bedroom, it is with sadness that I have come to realise that I no longer have that visual reminder anymore and I must now rely on my own memory to trigger  my thoughts to take me back to that time