Returning to the Studio

It has been a long time since I have been able to spend time in my studio.
And it has been a long time since I have blogged; however I am now back.

After our travels it took a while to settle back into the swing of life.  We had to catch up with all our family, get the house and garden back to how we like it, visit friends, etc and just be.

Whilst I absolutely enjoyed the travel we did last year with all the fabulous experiences, all the interesting people and the exceptional art that we saw; it feels so good to now come back to my special place, my studio.

studio-oneAs with every craftsman, whilst inspiration and innovative ideas are necessary, your work is only as good as your tools.  Therefore I have undertaken a huge revamp, repositioning my workspace and the public Gallery space in my studio.  It now works so well and I think I have got it right, my perfect working environment!

Peter has been wonderful and a great help to me with everything – cleaning, moving and updating equipment, offering suggestions of placement to achieve optimum results, etc.

Let me know what you think of my revamped studio.

I have so much inspiration and I feel the need to commence.

I also have to start making more pieces for my retail outlets again.

So I will have much to blog about along the way but first I must PAINT.






A challenge to write a Poem about Love

This challenge was put out by a fellow blogger, Marlyn Exconde.  So I thought I would give it a try.

The poem had to be no more than 10 lines.  Each line had to contain only 4 words and each line heart_of_love_201813had to have the word ‘love’ in it.

Can you rise to the challenge?  Please try yourself and send in your poem.

Anyway – here is mine.

Love, how many ways.

 Love of beauty fair

 Children’s love- beyond compare

Love a wondrous emotion

Animal love unending devotion

Love thy Neighbours –  feat

Food, love to eat!

Love of money – weakness.

Love fellow man- greatness.

Love is human kindness.


Through these Eyes

Through these eyes

Through these eyes

Watch the world turn

I observe, attempt to learn

Wonder and beauty galore

I see and want more.

Through these eyes  I lust, desire, admire – set my heart on fire.

I adore, find love – is it sent from above?


Through these eyes  tears seep, I weep – sadness into my heat creeps

Tragedy for many; I am so sad, life injustices are many, so bad.

Through these Eyes – I abhor I envy I hate, find it hard to relate.

Life often can be mean – not always as first seen.

Through these eyes thoughts form, I must write, all my fantasies take flight

Images to paint, I need to create, all beauty I try to imitate.

Through these eyes I watch the world turn, I observe, attempt to learn.

Wonder and beauty galore,  I see and want more.