Libra – The Scales: September 23 to October 22


Libra your element is Air and your quality is Cardinal. You are the relationship devotee of the Air signs, graceful and strategic, the ‘in charge’ cardinal sign. The Air element means you are a Thinking Type, motivated by mental ideals and communication dynamics.

As the ‘cardinal’ Air sign, you initiate human connections and drive cooperation. Usually tactful and subtle in your push toward relationships, you can surprise people with your feisty side. You can fall into indecision if you are too concerned to make the perfect choice and if you try too hard to please, your honesty is called into question. You are most happy when you achieve a balance between your personal creative efforts and being with the people you love. You are the seventh sign and the lover of the zodiac, your key phrase: “I unite”.

VENUS: Planet of Love   –   Your Planetary Ruler

A sense of justice and an impulse to initiate relationshi.  Libra is “of hot and humid nature (aerial), you know exactly what you want – you simply change a lot. Venus is the opposite pole of sexual energy to Mars, the magnetic draw card, which displays the nectar for the bees with vibrant colours and sweet allure. Mars wants to win, Venus knows how to! Diplomacy, charm and a magnetic mental quality are some of the gifts of Venus to Libra. Since the love planet rules both Libra and Taurus, you are the ‘day sign’ of Venus. In the body Libra rules adrenals and kidneys, the venous system and the acid/alkaline balance, as well as sharing rulership of the skin. The right balance of rest and play, of optimism and realism is your key to good health.