Through these Eyes

Through these eyes

Through these eyes

Watch the world turn

I observe, attempt to learn

Wonder and beauty galore

I see and want more.

Through these eyes  I lust, desire, admire – set my heart on fire.

I adore, find love – is it sent from above?


Through these eyes  tears seep, I weep – sadness into my heat creeps

Tragedy for many; I am so sad, life injustices are many, so bad.

Through these Eyes – I abhor I envy I hate, find it hard to relate.

Life often can be mean – not always as first seen.

Through these eyes thoughts form, I must write, all my fantasies take flight

Images to paint, I need to create, all beauty I try to imitate.

Through these eyes I watch the world turn, I observe, attempt to learn.

Wonder and beauty galore,  I see and want more.