Figures and Movement


Figures and Movement

Oil with cold wax medium on board.

Measurements: 81cm by 81cm

This contemporary and colourful piece is created using myriad scratched and gouged layers of oil paint in blue, yellow, orange and white.  The aim was to suggest many bodies in movement.  

This piece was inspired by all the active people I see whilst I’m at the gym.  My mantra these days is to use it or lose it, so I try to keep fit.

How many bodies can you see?

Are they working in the gym or running the streets?   A healthy body is a healthy mind!

Preparing New Boards for Painting

I always enjoy the time spent preparing new boards for my art pieces, I find it therapeutic as I can simply just do the work and don’t have to think. Another reason I enjoy this process is that I know when they are finished I can then start new work! So I am usually thinking when working on the boards about what I am going paint next – always a fun way to spend time.

I currently prefer to use plywood with a cradled frame instead of stretched canvas. This is because they are more stable, solid and longer wearing plus I can scratch and gouge into the paint without having to worry about damaging the canvas.

Each board’s sides are protected with masking tape because they will finally become a frame for the painting therefore it is important to keep them clean.

The board is then painted with 3 layers of Gesso with a light sanding between each layer.

Well I am now ready to commence a new piece.

Fat Cat at the Window

Fat Cat at the window

This contemporary and colourful piece is created using myriad scratched and gouged layers of oil paint and cold wax medium in a myriad of colours. 

I like to have fun and not always be serious when painting, hence this slightly off-centre piece.  I painted this one for me.

The initial background was made up of many colours laid down on the board with bits of collaged pieces of my various coloured patterns here and there.   I have a collection of previously prepared pieces as I often spend an hour or so preparing a collection of colours and geometric shapes by using acrylic paint on tissue paper.  I then save these and cut them up for use whenever I think they may add to the depth and texture of a painting.  It is a good way to immediately add interest and quirkiness.  True they may be covered up in the following layers but some pieces do peek through and add interest.

I kept adding layers of colours which are scraped and gouged into the paint to allow the underneath layers to show through.  I did this for a while and then stopped, stood back and looked at what I had achieved. 

I use reflective time to allow me to get a feel of what is on the board.  I try to see if any image is emerging? 

In this instance I could see a cheeky fat cat sitting looking out of the window. A lovely lamp sits on a coffee table nearby.

Do you like Mr Fat Cat?

Viridian Nude

Viridian Nude

Acrylic on canvas

915mm x 610mm

Created: 2019

Painted in tones of viridian green with touches of blue and purple.

My nude sits on the rocks watching the waves below.

Her shoulder and left side have kisses of a warm copper paint to represent the sun caressing and warming her skin.

As I normally paint in many layers, this canvas has many, many layers of paint to build up the texture of the figure, waves and rocks.

I want to encourage the viewer to gently run their hand over the canvas to feel all the bumps and ridges.

Will she jump in to enjoy the cool water or will she just sit and watch?

I Love Shopping


This abstract is fun. My young fashionista is happily shopping in Surfers Paradise carrying large shopping bags full of trendy clothes.

Method: Oil with cold wax in many layers of paint scratched and gouged to create interest and depth.

It is not a large piece, it is only 61cm x 45cm xc 5cm.

This piece was painted for the Lethbridge Small Scale Art Awards and I was lucky enough to get to be a finalist. I was very pleased.

Surfing at Laceys


Surfing at Laceys

Painted on Board

40 x 40cm x 2cm

I walk the beach at Lacey’s next door to the mouth of Currumbin Creek each day and I love to watch the surfers catching their waves.  Alongside Currumbin Creek, Lacey’s is a popular spot for serious surfers.

Painted in oil with cold wax medium on a cradled board. This is another piece in my Smaller Art Collection. I create these small pieces for those homeowners who do not have wall space for large pieces of art.  I believe everyone should live with art, I hope these small pieces enable them to live with art in their home.

Sun loving species in its natural habitat.



Oil on Board using wax medium

Measurements: 81cm by 81cm

Most Australians live near the coast so going to the beach is a popular leisure activity. I live on the Gold Coast so I regularly paint sun surf and sand.

I love the human form; this piece shows a local sun loving species in its natural habitat.  Two figures are revelling in the sun, soaking up its warmth; his face is turned toward the sun however she is obeying Australia’s slip, slop and slap slogan and wears a hat to shade her face.

Do you feel their languid repose as they nearly melt into the sand – life’s a beach!