Preparing New Boards for Painting

I always enjoy the time spent preparing new boards for my art pieces, I find it therapeutic as I can simply just do the work and don’t have to think. Another reason I enjoy this process is that I know when they are finished I can then start new work! So I am usually thinking when working on the boards about what I am going paint next – always a fun way to spend time.

I currently prefer to use plywood with a cradled frame instead of stretched canvas. This is because they are more stable, solid and longer wearing plus I can scratch and gouge into the paint without having to worry about damaging the canvas.

Each board’s sides are protected with masking tape because they will finally become a frame for the painting therefore it is important to keep them clean.

The board is then painted with 3 layers of Gesso with a light sanding between each layer.

Well I am now ready to commence a new piece.

Surfing at Laceys


Surfing at Laceys

Painted on Board

40 x 40cm x 2cm

I walk the beach at Lacey’s next door to the mouth of Currumbin Creek each day and I love to watch the surfers catching their waves.  Alongside Currumbin Creek, Lacey’s is a popular spot for serious surfers.

Painted in oil with cold wax medium on a cradled board. This is another piece in my Smaller Art Collection. I create these small pieces for those homeowners who do not have wall space for large pieces of art.  I believe everyone should live with art, I hope these small pieces enable them to live with art in their home.

Turquoise Static

As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to upload some of my recent paintings. Today’s painting is called Turquoise Static. This was painted in acrylic on a stretched canvas.
I have used my usual technique of laying down multiple layers of paint and many bright colours to create this energetic image – turquoise, orange and white with pops of green and blue.
It literally zings off the canvas. This crisp bright little piece of art was fun to paint.  It makes me happy.

It’s been a while!

Hi its been a while since my last post.

Life has been busy however I will try and be more regular with my pieces.

As I have been very busy painting and playing with different methods and new mediums, I realised that I have a quite a few pieces that I can share with interested followers.

I have been taking many on line workshops and have discovered a new medium for oil paint so I am happy to say that I have fallen back in love with my oil paints. I stopped using oils for the various reasons that many artists stop using them – the strong smell of turpentine and its various mediums, plus the long drying time etc. etc.

The medium I discovered and have been playing with is Gamblin cold wax. What a wonderful medium, it enables the artist to play and explore and achieve many interesting results in their work. It is easy to use, does not smell and the oil paint dries much faster that it does with usual oil mediums. It is great fun.

Not all the art I have been doing recently is only with oils, I still use my acrylic paints. they have their strengths and enable you to create and produce very quick results. So I will commence uploading my new pieces soon and will try and be more regular with my posting.

I’ve added a photo of my work desk after I have cleaned it up, but believe me it does not look so tidy when I am painting, it is normally organized chaos; actually I’ll upload a photo of what my workspace is like when I am working – when I remember! it looks totally different.

Playing with Driftwood again

Ive been working on some of the pieces of driftwood from my collection in my studio. These pieces of wood are collected whilst on my daily beach walks. Unfortunately the number of pieces that I find are diminishing at the moment.  It will take another huge storm to provide me with fresh stock.

However here are my three latest pieces.

Returning to Oil Painting

It has been quite a while since I have got out my oil paints – maybe years!  I had always loved painting with the rich and creamy oil paint but the length of the drying time was the reason I went to acrylic paint.  I was always in a hurry to complete my works.

Don’t get me wrong, I love acrylic paint – they are so versatile and fast drying but OILS are just wonderful and the oil colour is so vibrant and the texture is so silky and organic –  I have fallen in love with Oils again!

SO I will just have to get used to taking life at a slower pace when I work in Oil.  Naturally I will continue to paint in acrylics as well.

Below is the first large oil painting I have finished since my return to this medium.

Nymph in the Rainforest.

Nymph in Rainforest w


Up in the Treetops

I have been working on a very large canvas to go on the living room wall in our home. Our living room opens to the front balcony which is up among the treetops of a beautiful leopard tree and lovely poinsettia tree.  It is such a lovely retreat to sit on the deck and be surrounded by waiving leafy branches away from the rest of the world.

So when I was trying to decide on a suitable subject matter for this large painting, it took quite a while.  Did I want to do a colourful abstract? I wasn’t sure and as I don’t paint in a traditional style, a landscape was out.  One day whilst reading out on the deck, it finally dawned on me, paint my treetops!

I took some photos looking upwards into my treetops and then played around with them in Photoshop until I settled on a suitable composition.

First sketch the tree trunk and branches.

treetops Working on up in the Treetopstreetops Finished the Tree Trunks

Then I had to paint in the tree canopy and all of the leaves.  This took quite a while until I was happy with the composition.

Up in the Tree Tops

It was quite a task to hang this large painting as it had to be hung in a very high position above our staircase.   This involved ladders, tressels and the help of a builder;  however it is finally up and looks great.  What do you think?

in the treetops