Asian Beauty

Oil with cold wax medium on board.

Asian Beauty

Measurements: 81cm by 81cm

This is another contemporary and colourful piece is created using myriad scratched and gouged layers of oil paint and cold wax medium in a myriad of colours. 

I like to have fun and not always be serious when painting, hence this slightly off-centre piece. 

The initial background was made up of many colours laid down on the board.  I kept adding layers of colours which are scraped and gouged into the paint to allow the underneath layers to show through.  I did this for a while and then stopped, stood back and looked at what I had achieved so far. 

I use reflective time to allow me to get a feel of what is on the board.  I try to see if any image is emerging? 

In this instance I could see an Asian face, a lamp in front of a window, and a fan in the left-hand corner. So, I continued to work with these suggested images and I ended up with my Asian Beauty in her pretty dress holding a bunch of flowers.

She is beautiful and she is serene.