Preparing New Boards for Painting

I always enjoy the time spent preparing new boards for my art pieces, I find it therapeutic as I can simply just do the work and don’t have to think. Another reason I enjoy this process is that I know when they are finished I can then start new work! So I am usually thinking when working on the boards about what I am going paint next – always a fun way to spend time.

I currently prefer to use plywood with a cradled frame instead of stretched canvas. This is because they are more stable, solid and longer wearing plus I can scratch and gouge into the paint without having to worry about damaging the canvas.

Each board’s sides are protected with masking tape because they will finally become a frame for the painting therefore it is important to keep them clean.

The board is then painted with 3 layers of Gesso with a light sanding between each layer.

Well I am now ready to commence a new piece.