Fat Cat at the Window

Fat Cat at the window

This contemporary and colourful piece is created using myriad scratched and gouged layers of oil paint and cold wax medium in a myriad of colours. 

I like to have fun and not always be serious when painting, hence this slightly off-centre piece.  I painted this one for me.

The initial background was made up of many colours laid down on the board with bits of collaged pieces of my various coloured patterns here and there.   I have a collection of previously prepared pieces as I often spend an hour or so preparing a collection of colours and geometric shapes by using acrylic paint on tissue paper.  I then save these and cut them up for use whenever I think they may add to the depth and texture of a painting.  It is a good way to immediately add interest and quirkiness.  True they may be covered up in the following layers but some pieces do peek through and add interest.

I kept adding layers of colours which are scraped and gouged into the paint to allow the underneath layers to show through.  I did this for a while and then stopped, stood back and looked at what I had achieved. 

I use reflective time to allow me to get a feel of what is on the board.  I try to see if any image is emerging? 

In this instance I could see a cheeky fat cat sitting looking out of the window. A lovely lamp sits on a coffee table nearby.

Do you like Mr Fat Cat?