Oil on canvas

Measurements: 121cm by 91cm

When we visited Tasmania, I immediately hit the bitumen.  Like a modern-day explorer, I use bitumen roads and highways to seek the natural beauty of Tasmania.  However, whilst these highways traverse and float over the land acting like a magic carpet to take me wherever I wish, combined with today’s ever-growing civilisation, they tend to mask the real Tasmania.


This piece is initially painted in many layers of blues greens oranges and purple to represent the colours of natural Tasmania – it’s beautiful trees, mountains, lakes, rivers and sky. 

This montage of colour is then covered in grey and white to represent today’s continual encroachment of buildings and development on the landscape.  Grey and white signifies tin, concrete and steel, all dull uninspiring colours.  Then over that, is painted harsh black to represent the bitumen. 

Tasmania’s natural beauty is hidden beneath civilisation. As we traverse the bitumen to get where we want to go, we must delve deep to see the natural Tasmania.  Look through the black, grey and white, it is there underneath, waiting to be discovered.

Turquoise Static

As mentioned in my previous post, I am going to upload some of my recent paintings. Today’s painting is called Turquoise Static. This was painted in acrylic on a stretched canvas.
I have used my usual technique of laying down multiple layers of paint and many bright colours to create this energetic image – turquoise, orange and white with pops of green and blue.
It literally zings off the canvas. This crisp bright little piece of art was fun to paint.  It makes me happy.

It’s been a while!

Hi its been a while since my last post.

Life has been busy however I will try and be more regular with my pieces.

As I have been very busy painting and playing with different methods and new mediums, I realised that I have a quite a few pieces that I can share with interested followers.

I have been taking many on line workshops and have discovered a new medium for oil paint so I am happy to say that I have fallen back in love with my oil paints. I stopped using oils for the various reasons that many artists stop using them – the strong smell of turpentine and its various mediums, plus the long drying time etc. etc.

The medium I discovered and have been playing with is Gamblin cold wax. What a wonderful medium, it enables the artist to play and explore and achieve many interesting results in their work. It is easy to use, does not smell and the oil paint dries much faster that it does with usual oil mediums. It is great fun.

Not all the art I have been doing recently is only with oils, I still use my acrylic paints. they have their strengths and enable you to create and produce very quick results. So I will commence uploading my new pieces soon and will try and be more regular with my posting.

I’ve added a photo of my work desk after I have cleaned it up, but believe me it does not look so tidy when I am painting, it is normally organized chaos; actually I’ll upload a photo of what my workspace is like when I am working – when I remember! it looks totally different.

Fruit Bowl

‘Bowl of Fruit’ is a bright and colorful image painted in a modern contemporary style – orange, yellow, purple and black. 

Painted in the impressionist style, I was inspired to paint this piece after seeing the work of Gilles Gorriti whilst in Paris on holidays.

Gorriti is a virtuoso in using the full range of his palette. He creates both subtle, unobtrusive fragments of delicate tones alongside vibrantly orchestrated blocks of color.

I certainly cannot reach his level of skill, I can only hope to one day improve to get somewhere near his level of expertise; but it was fun trying.