Mondays Joke – time to feel good

They say to laugh is good for the soul and well being.  Here is Monday’s Joke.

chicken feathers cartoon

Inside looking out.

I think we're safer in hereInside Looking out

Should I stay in here or go out there

Can I walk outside without a care.

Outside I feel I must compete

Battles to fight,  deadlines to meet.

My facade portrays that all is fine

But it’s not the case all of the time.

Sometimes inside I feel amiss

And wonder what’s  the cause for this.

Inside my world  I know I’m safe

Pull up the drawbridge, close the gate.

Forsake the worries and the care

I’ll stay in here, not go out there.

Some days the world can seem a very scary place.  This poem is a little fun piece on how I sometimes just want to hide away from all the pressures of the day.  Can you relate to these feelings?

Hope you enjoy.