Why do we need art in our home?

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Why do we need art at home? It doesn’t have a practical purpose as does furniture, lighting or curtains. However one of the main reasons is, is that art has a very powerful emotional impact on us as it concentrates thoughts, aspirations, feelings and fears of a person who created it.  Myself as an artist, an empty wall or table just cries for attention. I see these as great places to display art.

In most instances artwork is often brought as the finishing touch. It’s one of the elements that can instantly warm up a space and make it feel like home. Art can also expand a space both visually and emotionally, give us a window to the world, add colour, create a theme, and infuse welcome doses of personality and interest in a room. Another reason for having paintings at home is that it can drastically transform the space: make it look bigger, enhance the colour scheme and correct proportions of furniture.

Artwork should appeal to you as you will see it every day and you have to really like it. When it comes to buying art many people are stuck when making a decision. How to choose the right one? Which one will suit the house? Will it be an investment or a loss of money?

Sometimes you fall in love with a particular work, buy it and then you build your home decor around it. Painting in that case serves as a primary source of inspiration: you may pull out the colours, textures and shapes from it and then introduce them in interior design through furniture, accessories and textile.

Another common interior design trick is repetition of colour. If you have a painting with lots of blue, introducing the same colour somewhere else in the room will create a feeling of continuity and flow. This can be done through accessories – decorative cushions, rugs, vases and figurines.

However as an Artist, I have the luxury of being able to paint my own artworks to suit our existing room colour, furniture, rugs and accessories.

To this end I have just completed the artworks for our living room.  We have a large comfortable sofa and 2 beautiful single wing chairs which are covered in rich and colourful materials. The walls are off white and the floor is a lovely redwood timber floor.

Wall PoppiesWhat we needed the artwork to do was to add pops of colour. We would then finish the room off with colour co-ordinated cushions and throws.

The main sofa is covered in a cross between olive green and lime. Therefore to add the pop of colour we wanted, I chose the colours purple and lemon for the main artwork above the sofa.  The piece is an abstract painting of purple and lemon poppies.  I am very happy with it and it sits beautifully above our sofa.


The second painting was to go over our two wing chairs which are covered in a lush leaf pattern of green, lime and white.  Because of the bold pattern in the covering, the painting to go above these chairs needed to be much gentler in pattern and softer in colour.  So for this piece I painted an image of wattle flowers and branches.   Again, I am happy with how this piece fits into the room and it feels like it belongs.

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