Why do Artists Paint and Why do I paint?

When an Artist offers their work to the world, they are offering a peek into their inner selves.   For when we paint, it is to free our soul.  Words do not matter, it is colours and how the paint ends up on the canvas, that tell the story. Our deep seated sub conscious comes to life and we are often surprised with the end result.

Sometimes we think we know what we are going to paint at the beginning but as the work evolves and we go through the process, the end result of totally different to what was planned. Yet other times we don’t know what the painting is going to be, yet we start painting anyway – and the outcome becomes something you always imagined it would be.

For me, the fun is not painting things that you see around you the way they are – within the confined dimensions of space and time,  but in creating an image that is an experience – I call it  tasting with your eyes.

Myself, once I have finished a piece of art, I am finished with it and can’t wait to move on to the next one.

So I put my art out there and when someone buys a piece, I am grateful and glad that it is appreciated and has found a happy home.

Therefore today is a momentous day,  I am extremely happy to announce that I sold my first 2 pieces of art through my

Etsy Shop – ArtiSueBee.

I hope they are the first of many more. bouquet pansies

These sales have energised me to replace and create.  I am so excited I can hardly sleep, I need to start painting.

So visit my ArtiSueBee shop at:   https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/ArtiSueBee

Please adopt some of my art and give them a good home.

That way I will have greater space in the studio to create more of my ‘little bursts of colour’.

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