My new Shop on Etsy

I am excited to announce that I have just opened my Shop on Etsy called ArtiSueBee.


Here you can see heaps of my art. Please visit!

On Etsy I am looking forward to a meeting other Aficionafos of Art and I hope you can join me in my journey through the wonderful and beautiful world of art in all it shapes and forms.

I have been painting for many years and exhibit regularly and accept commissions.   But like all artists, I am always inspired and I love to paint and therefore I find I have a growing collection of paintings that seem to multiply in my studio.

Recently I moved closer to the ocean and take daily walks along the shore. From time to time I find pebbles and driftwood which I find fascinating and I cannot resist taking them home with me. I started turning these into pieces of art and this started me thinking that I need to find ways to get my art ‘out there’.

Hence I have started my Etsy Store. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to interaction with people from all over the world.


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