Srtiped Gecko on the kitchen wall

I have just completed another piece for my Resurrection Series.resurrection

As you will remember these pieces are all made from, or painted on pieces of driftwood found on beaches or creek banks.

Donna, a very good friend of mine who always offers support and encouragement for all my art endeavours, likes my Resurrection pieces and turned up at my house one day with a couple of interesting of pieces driftwood that she found on the beach at Burleigh Heads.

One piece in particular immediately ‘spoke’ to me and I had the perfect spot for my ‘Striped Gecko’ in my home.

Striped Gecko

He sits on my kitchen wall and looks down on us as we go about our daily chores and cook up wonderful creations!

Striped Gecko in situ

Hope you love him as much as we do.

From found driftwood to Natural Art Pieces

resurrectionAs I walk along the shore early mornings, I’m always on the lookout for unexpected gems that are washed up by the oceans waves.

Sometimes it is a beautiful complete shell, sometimes a stone that has been polished by the ocean waves, and  other times it may be a piece timber that has floated the ocean tides and finally washed ashore.

Some of these found pieces have spoken to me and they have become part of my Resurrected series.

I continue to seek new surprises as I walk the shore and enjoy nature’s beauty.  Who knows when I may discover my next gem.


This is my very first piece in my Resurrection Series. This piece of discarded timber has been given new life.  Small buds push through the old timber and new pale green buds unfurl toward the sunlight.

Nature is resilient and this piece symbolises new life.

resurrection of life

Wood Nymph

This beautiful piece of flotsam was the perfect surface for my wood nymph. Its lovely rugged shape and smooth surface cried out to be revived and admired.

My wood nymph’s beautiful ethereal face emerges from the timber.

Wood Nymph

Green Tree Frog I & II

These beautiful pieces of flotsam seem to be perfect for my lovely green tree frogs. Their rugged shapes and smooth surfaces cried out to be revived and admired.

I have an affinity to the colourful green tree frogs.  Frogs are the barometer of our planet’s health and therefore are a valuable creature to be protected at all times.

Each of my little frogs sit serenely on a tree branch looking out for their dinner.

Green Tree Frog on LogTree Frog a

Green Tree Frog Paper-weights

These little fellows make lovely paper weights.  Beautiful stones from the shoreline each painted with one of my little frogs.

Green Tree Frog Paperweight IIGreen Tree Frog Paperweight IGreen Tree Frog Paperweight Pair

Banded Finches

Five little finches sitting in a row, their sharp little eyes looking for their next meal.  They make a cute image for this piece of driftwood.

Five Birds a