TAURUS – The Bull…April 21 to May 20th


Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign, represent the fertile earth herself. Specialising in making people and things grow. The Earth element means you are a Sensate Type, physical, sensuous and sensually driven, slow-moving.

Your ‘fixed’ quality means you have fixed attachments, favoured ways of doing things, regular habits by preference, earthy routines unlikely to vary. It also means you seek depth of connection, take your time, display great patience & make things grow. Can get stuck in tender traps, hold in your feelings and close your mind to other people’s values if they are too different to yours. Most happy when you feel an organic connection with your body and with nature, while putting your higher values into practice. You are ‘the utiliser’ of the zodiac, the second sign, your key phrase: “I have”.

VENUS: Planet of Love and Pleasure  –  Your Planetary Ruler

Substance, beauty, consumption and pleasure are your earthy concerns.  As one of the signs linked to the desire nature, you are well aware that desires fulfilled can be heaven or hell.   Sufficient times of quiet and rest as well as regular rests from rich foods and drink make a healthy happy Bull.



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  1. Oh Yeah I Love that one…. Well Done!!!! …. Actually I love ’em all, but this one particularly dings my bell…. Pete



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