Gold Coast Film Festival- ‘Re-imagining the Movies’ Art Exhibition – Sunday 30th March to 26th April 2014



In conjunction with the Gold Coast Film Festival, the Royal Queensland Art Society, Gold Coast is holding an Art Exhibition called ‘Re-imagining the Movies’. 

All submitted pieces of art were to embody the artist’s interpretation on the theme.  Initially t was difficult to decide on a suitable subject for my piece but after a while I decided to represent my favorite James Bond movie – Casino Royale.

My piece, which is meant to represent a playing card, consists of James Bond as the King of Spades, holding his Luger in his right hand across his chest and falling from his left hand, is the card hand that he won with at the Montenegro Casino – a straight 4-8 of Spades.  

Vesper Lynd, his leading lady in the movie,  is the Queen of Hearts and she is looking over her shoulder at the viewer and is holding James’s favorite cocktail – ‘The Vesper’ in her hand.

It was a bit of fun and I’m quite happy with the finished piece.





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