CAPRICORN – The Goat…December 22 to January 20


Capricorn  the mover and pusher of the zodiac, the ‘cardinal’ Earth sign, who likes to be in control of situations and to make your mark on the world. The Earth element means you are a sensate type, driven by practical goals, material ambitions and physical concerns.

As the cardinal Earth sign you lead the push to build powerful structures, which will stand the test of time. You seek security and stability and have a natural respect for social institutions, like the family and government organizations. If you decide you want to change something you seek to work from the inside to create change. You are most happy when you have a meaningful role, have autonomy and can engineer slow progress. Your key phrase: “I build”.

SATURN: Planet of Material Form  – Your Planetary Ruler -The power and determination to bring your goals to fruition are the way your Earth is expressed. You are the ‘night sign’ of Saturn and the parts of the body Capricorn rules are knees, bones, joints, skin and cutaneous system. Maintaining mental and physical flexibility is your key to good health.

Because Capricorn carries such a weight of responsibility, you are known as the sign that begins life old and gets younger as time goes on. In other words, as you accept inevitable changes and relax about the things you can’t control, you become younger and more carefree. Originally Saturn ruled the Golden Age, when humans lived in harmony with Nature’s laws. You too can create your own harmony.


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