TAURUS – The Bull…April 21 to May 20th


Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign, represent the fertile earth herself. Specialising in making people and things grow. The Earth element means you are a Sensate Type, physical, sensuous and sensually driven, slow-moving.

Your ‘fixed’ quality means you have fixed attachments, favoured ways of doing things, regular habits by preference, earthy routines unlikely to vary. It also means you seek depth of connection, take your time, display great patience & make things grow. Can get stuck in tender traps, hold in your feelings and close your mind to other people’s values if they are too different to yours. Most happy when you feel an organic connection with your body and with nature, while putting your higher values into practice. You are ‘the utiliser’ of the zodiac, the second sign, your key phrase: “I have”.

VENUS: Planet of Love and Pleasure  –  Your Planetary Ruler

Substance, beauty, consumption and pleasure are your earthy concerns.  As one of the signs linked to the desire nature, you are well aware that desires fulfilled can be heaven or hell.   Sufficient times of quiet and rest as well as regular rests from rich foods and drink make a healthy happy Bull.


Opening Night at the ‘Re-imagining the movies’ Art Exhibition.


Here I am walking the red carpet at the Opening Night at the ‘Re-imagining the movies’ Art Exhibition.  The evening was fun, everyone dressed in all their glitter and looked glamorous. Champagne, good company and fabulous art, what more could anyone ask for. 

The art is exceptional, please be sure to visit the Exhibit as I am sure you will enjoy it immensely.  It is open to the public 7 days a week and runs for the month of April.

The exhibit is being held at the Royal Queensland Art Society , Gold Coast Broadbeach Gallery.  http://rqasgoldcoast.com/

Gold Coast Film Festival- ‘Re-imagining the Movies’ Art Exhibition – Sunday 30th March to 26th April 2014



In conjunction with the Gold Coast Film Festival, the Royal Queensland Art Society, Gold Coast is holding an Art Exhibition called ‘Re-imagining the Movies’. 

All submitted pieces of art were to embody the artist’s interpretation on the theme.  Initially t was difficult to decide on a suitable subject for my piece but after a while I decided to represent my favorite James Bond movie – Casino Royale.

My piece, which is meant to represent a playing card, consists of James Bond as the King of Spades, holding his Luger in his right hand across his chest and falling from his left hand, is the card hand that he won with at the Montenegro Casino – a straight 4-8 of Spades.  

Vesper Lynd, his leading lady in the movie,  is the Queen of Hearts and she is looking over her shoulder at the viewer and is holding James’s favorite cocktail – ‘The Vesper’ in her hand.

It was a bit of fun and I’m quite happy with the finished piece.




ARIES – The Ram…March 21 to April 20th


Aries, the most volatile and passionate of the Fire signs, eager and playful the ‘cardinal’ Fire sign. The Fire element means you are an Intuitive Type, driven by enthusiasms, excitable, spontaneous.

Element: Fire   Quality: Cardinal

‘Cardinal’ means a mover and shaker, action oriented, expansive and like to take charge. It means you are one of the ‘pushers’ of the zodiac, first to leap in and have your say. Your spontaneity sometimes gets you into trouble, if for instance you lead with your mouth via a tactless statement; or you might leap into a project only to butt your head on all of the boring details you did not consider. You are most happy when you discover your truly authentic self and share your enthusiasms with others, using your competitive energy constructively. You are the ‘child’ of the zodiac, the first sign, your key phrase: “I Am”.

MARS: Planet of Vital Energy  – Your Planetary Ruler – Spontaneous action and exuberant energy are typical ways your Fire manifests. In ancient Arabic astrology Aries is “of hot and dry nature” and your “angel holds the key of the creation of qualities and of accidents.” (Mystical Astrology – According to Ibn ‘Arabi) Your ruler, Mars is associated with sexual energy, with warfare, desire and conflict. Energy and courage and a pioneering spirit are some of his gifts to Aries. Since the red planet rules both Aries and Scorpio; you are called the ‘day sign’ of Mars. In the body Aries rules the head, the brain, the pineal gland and the eyesight. Head strong though you are, you are most happy when peacefully engaged in mentally stimulating activities.

AQUARIUS The Water Bearer…January 21 to February 18.


Aquarius the fixed thinker of the Air signs, determined and clever. The Air element means you are a thinking type motivated by beliefs, strong opinions and interaction with other people.

As the ‘fixed’ Air sign you put a lot of energy into forming opinions and hold to them strongly. Driven by two planets, each representing opposite principles you frequently display a ‘wild’ side, linked to planet Uranus and prompting eccentric leanings, as well as a structured ambitious hard working Saturnian side. You are most happy when you are doing something different in a big ambitious way. You are the thinker of the zodiac, your key phrase: “I serve humanity”. 

SATURN: Planet of Material Form   URANUS: Planet of Intuitive Impulse: Your Two Planetary Rulers – A strong desire to connect with groups of people, to express humanitarian principles and to explore social life drive you forward. The ‘waters’ that the Water Bearer carries are the waters of humanity and Aquarius serves humanity. Ancient Arabic Astrology says Aquarius is: “of hot and humid nature Spirited and different are words frequently applied to Aquarius and this carries through to the powerful differences between your two ruling planets. Traditional ruler, Saturn endows structure and ambition and conservative values while your modern ruler, Uranus endows intuition and inventive, restless spurts of energy. As an Air sign you manifest these different sides of yourself in the way you think and communicate and in some of the quirky choices you make. It is often your job to keep people guessing! The aspects of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles, calves, tibia, fibula, shin bone and the breath. ‘Spiritus’ or breath is critical to your wellbeing and Aquarians benefit greatly from meditation techniques and deep slow breathing. It stills the restless mind.

Uranus represents the aspiring and inspired mind that leads you ever onward, while Saturn represents the reality of the material world and the need to nurture your body. Their special message for Aquarius is follow your mental inspirations and humanitarian goals while honouring body and soul needs.

CAPRICORN – The Goat…December 22 to January 20


Capricorn  the mover and pusher of the zodiac, the ‘cardinal’ Earth sign, who likes to be in control of situations and to make your mark on the world. The Earth element means you are a sensate type, driven by practical goals, material ambitions and physical concerns.

As the cardinal Earth sign you lead the push to build powerful structures, which will stand the test of time. You seek security and stability and have a natural respect for social institutions, like the family and government organizations. If you decide you want to change something you seek to work from the inside to create change. You are most happy when you have a meaningful role, have autonomy and can engineer slow progress. Your key phrase: “I build”.

SATURN: Planet of Material Form  – Your Planetary Ruler -The power and determination to bring your goals to fruition are the way your Earth is expressed. You are the ‘night sign’ of Saturn and the parts of the body Capricorn rules are knees, bones, joints, skin and cutaneous system. Maintaining mental and physical flexibility is your key to good health.

Because Capricorn carries such a weight of responsibility, you are known as the sign that begins life old and gets younger as time goes on. In other words, as you accept inevitable changes and relax about the things you can’t control, you become younger and more carefree. Originally Saturn ruled the Golden Age, when humans lived in harmony with Nature’s laws. You too can create your own harmony.

SAGITTARIUS The Archer…November 23 to December 21


Sagittarius, their element is Fire and your quality is Mutable. The philosopher of the Fire signs, enthusiastic and ever juggling ideas; the ‘mutable’ Fire sign. The Fire element means you are motivated by enthusiasms, mental inspiration and the search for knowledge.

As the mutable Fire sign, you are one of the dual signs who shifts ground regularly, ever on the search for new wisdom, the perfect idea. The most peace loving and gentle of the Fire signs, you are nonetheless capable of pushing your ideas and opinions to the max. Thus your reputation for ‘foot in mouth’ episodes! Firing your arrows of ideas continuously, you let many fall by the wayside and only action a few. You are most happy when life feels like an adventure and you have an interesting new plan on the boil. You are the ninth sign and your key phrase is “I know”.

JUPITER: Planet of Wisdom  is your Planetary Ruler  The quest for a breadth of experience and knowledge of the world around you are the way your Fire flames. You are a hot character but the coolest of the Fire signs, ever ready to make friends and influence people. You are likely to have an opinion on almost everything and sometimes do better to keep that opinion to yourself. s

Your symbol is the Centaur, half man, half horse and this signifies your unique combination of strong physicality but mentally driven. It is when your human nature rules your animal nature that you are most balanced and happy. The gifts of Jupiter are expansive good nature, enthusiasm, a hunger for knowledge and a tendency to exaggeration. Since the wisdom planet rules both Sagittarius and Pisces, you are the ‘day sign’ – the most extroverted version of Jupiter. In the body Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, arterial system, pelvis and sacrum. These relate to balance and movement and you are your happiest with plenty of physical activity and mental challenge.