It’s all in the Stars – Leo

leoLeo’s element is Fire, the ‘shining one’ of the Fire signs, ruled by the Sun, creative and dramatic – the Fire sign most suited for centre stage, artistic and confident. The Fire element means an intuitive type motivated by enthusiasm and inspiration.

As the ‘fixed’ Fire sign you hold strongly to your creative ideas and self-image, which is why you are sometimes also known for pride and arrogance. This need not be the case; you just know what you like and what you want. You learn with maturity how to hold to these in a graceful and charming manner. You are most happy when you are acknowledged by others, for your creative contributions and when you are surrounded by your group or ‘pride of lions’. You like to relax in the sun in lazy Leo style but are ever ready to pounce on a new idea. As the fifth sign your key phrase is: “I create”.

 In the body Leo rules the heart, spinal cord, blood circulation, spleen and vital forces. Your vitality burns brightest when you link your creativity with others, through a leadership role or in a position which affords you a degree of autonomy. You don’t like taking orders and you hate small-mindedness since you yourself like to take the larger view of things. Ever ready to expand and develop an idea, there is no distance between the spark and the flaming up of your fire. The right balance of play, rest and work is what stops you from burnout and keeps you healthy and happy. 

There are many Sun gods throughout mythology and one of the most well-known is Apollo. Like all other solar heroes the Greek God Apollo is depicted as beautiful and golden-haired, radiant and charming, armed with shining arrows. His role was to pull the Sun across the sky with his golden chariot and as he travelled everything below on earth was revealed to him. He never hesitated to use his arrows, sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. This was dictated by his mood at the time. The sun’s natural affinity for the dawn is described by two of his well-known love affairs

As a Leo you too are prone to acting like a force of nature and firing off hard words or pouncing away to the pet parlour, if dignity is hurt or the whim takes you. Yet your lovable side is radiantly irresistible, making you a most romantic sign – at times.  Sun represents the strength of the human heart and the light of creative impulse. His special message for Leo is to shine as brightly and generously as possible, regardless of the response of others.