It’s all in the Stars – Gemini


Gemini is the Mutable Air sign. The Air element is a Thinking Type, mentally driven, communicative, fast-moving.

Gemini’s ‘Mutable’ quality means versatility, being flexible, able to put things together. It also means that the ‘Dual’ sign is double natured, prone to mutate and change rapidly –  easily swing between bright vivacious and dark withdrawn; or between clear simple logic and a chaos of unfinished ends. You are most happy when, despite your busy life, your ‘dark twin’ is embraced via periods of solitary creative work and by relationships that encourage your emotional side to emerge. You are the ‘thinker’ of the zodiac, the third sign, your key phrase: “I Connect”.

MERCURY: Planet of the Mind—Your Planetary Ruler

Communication and a variety of life experience is the Air you breathe. In ancient Arabic astrology Gemini is said to be “of hot and humid nature” and “your angel holds the key to the creation of metals”.  As a Twin, you are most happy when engaged in stimulating mental activities with a friend close by.
Mercury represents the magic of duality – the complementary pairing of opposites and the flexibility of an open mind. His special message to Gemini is to let your ever curious mind be guided by the light of wisdom.

Allied Artists Exhibition at the Robina Comunity Gallery

It has been my pleasure to join my fellow artists in an Exhibition – Allied Artists this month.

All eleven artists are fellow members of the Royal Queensland Art Society, Gold Coast Branch.

robina exhibit

Eleven different styles, artworks in all types of mediums – the Exhibition has something to suit all tastes.

Once a year we get together to share our art with the local community.

Here I an standing in front of my 4 images that I am showing in Allied Artists.

Leo, Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarus –  four of my “Its all in the Stars” Series.

A series of paintings showing my interpretation of all of the  symbols of the Astrological Stars.


Through these Eyes

Through these eyes

Through these eyes

Watch the world turn

I observe, attempt to learn

Wonder and beauty galore

I see and want more.

Through these eyes  I lust, desire, admire – set my heart on fire.

I adore, find love – is it sent from above?


Through these eyes  tears seep, I weep – sadness into my heat creeps

Tragedy for many; I am so sad, life injustices are many, so bad.

Through these Eyes – I abhor I envy I hate, find it hard to relate.

Life often can be mean – not always as first seen.

Through these eyes thoughts form, I must write, all my fantasies take flight

Images to paint, I need to create, all beauty I try to imitate.

Through these eyes I watch the world turn, I observe, attempt to learn.

Wonder and beauty galore,  I see and want more.