The Importance of Friendship

Last week a very close friend of mine was rushed to hospital unexpectedly.  Thankfully she is now back home and doing well.   

Whilst I have always loved and appreciated my friends, this incident made me stop and think about the value of our friends and the importance of friendship of our lives.

Friendship is something that not many people take time think about, and we often take our friends for granted.  Sadly we often only realise the value of friendship when we find ourselves in need of a friend or when we need a shoulder to cry on and or get advice for our problems.

If we have lost a close friend we then truly understand what we have lost, and understand the importance of friendship in our lives. Many people enter our lives, some for a short time, others longer and all on a varying scale of personal relationship.

We form a bond of true friendship with only a select few, and these are usually friends that move with us through the various stages of our lives.

As a celebration of my friend’s recovery, I wrote her a poem to let her know what a special part she shares in my life.

blue fairy wrenMy Friend Sue

I have a friend, a friend called Sue

If she weren’t there, what would I do.

Our friendships strong, it feels just right

Binds us together, it’s warm and bright.

If I’m worried or if I’m feeling down

A few words with Sue soon banishes my frown.

She’s sincere, full of goodwill and cheer

She’s a gem, someone always to keep near.

Sue calls me up to have a chat

We laugh and talk about this and that.

Who said what! What do you mean?

It’s fun to dissect what happens in our scene.

I have a friend, a friend called Sue

She shares her heart and soul with you.

She weaves me into her cloth of life

Surrounds us all in her loving light.

I have a friend, my friend is Sue.



  1. Thank you Janette. Special friends are indeed gift and we should appreciate them at all times.
    I am enjoying your blog and your fascinating art journey of discovery on the i pad.



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