I am always astounded at how time stands still when I paint, hours fly by and my mind goes to a different plane.

Experts say that painting and creating art is a good way of distracting your thoughts from whatever is causing stressing or anxiety. Distraction is of course only a momentary effect, but many people find that the relaxation gained during a painting session enables them to have a clearer line of thought, which later helps them deal with problems and put them into perspective.

More people should take time to relax with a hobby that is very different from their jobs. Not only does it relieve stress but it also enriches life. We cannot avoid daily stress so the best way to get away from it is to find an alternative way. Having a hobby that is opposite to their job can make life enjoyable – maybe painting mandalas.

Tijana, a friend of mine recently told me about a ‘Girls Night in’ she enjoyed with her friends the other night when they got together and painted mandalas whilst enjoying a glass or two of wine.

Tijana then mentioned how relaxing and enjoying they all found the night and agreed to let me show some of their mandalas in my blog.

mandala 2                     As I did not know much about mandalas I did a little research into them.  

Mandala means ‘circle’ in the Sanskrit language, and mandala art refers to symbols that are drawn, sketched or painted in a circular frame. Mandala art has been used throughout the world as a process of self-expression, in the service of personal growth and spiritual transformation. Tibetan Buddhism has employed mandala art for thousands of years to capture the images of the countless demons and gods which it believes both plague and uplift humanity. Navajo sand painters use them in their healing rites. Many native people use the Medicine Wheel, a mandala form, to connect to earth energies and the wisdom of nature.

The very fact that mandalas are drawn round can lead us to an experience of wholeness when we take the time to make them and then wonder what they mean. In the strict use of the mandala, there is a central point or focus within the symbol from which radiates a symmetrical design. This suggests there is a centre within each one of us to which everything is related, by which everything is ordered, and which is itself a source of energy and power. Please enjoy some of the mandalas that Tijuana and her friends created on their ‘Girls Night In’.