Inside looking out.

This poem and painting is a reflection of those feelings that we all have at some time.  The desire to hide from the cares and worries of life and retreat to the security of the inner walls of our home.

The painting treats the subject in a light hearted way, my two gold fish are worried about the two hungry cats in the outside world and they have decided that they are safer in their fish bowl.

I think we're safer in hereInside Looking out

Should I stay in here or go out there

Can I walk outside without a care.

Outside I feel I must compete

Battles to fight,  deadlines to meet.

My facade portrays that all is fine

But it’s not the case all of the time.

Sometimes inside I feel amiss

And wonder what’s  the cause for this.

Inside my world  I know I’m safe

Pull up the drawbridge, close the gate.

Forsake the worries and the care

I’ll stay in here, not go out there.