I do love a good read!

Eccy, the EchidnaI do love a good laugh




One of my favorite pastimes is reading.  I therefore thought I would paint a few images that I could use for bookmarks as I love to slip a bookmark into all Birthday Cards that I send to family and friends.

I have chosen the theme for these bookmarks of Australian animals enjoying the pleasure of reading.





  • First I painted Pete the Pelican, as I love watching these fellows. They always look so intelligent and I’m sure they would enjoy a good read as much as I do!
  • I love listening to kookaburras laugh. They always look so cheeky and I’m sure they would enjoy a good laugh when reading a Joke Book.
  •  Ollie the Owl, with his thick reading glasses and intense gaze, definitely looks like a ’Book Owl’
  • Joey certainly loves his Mother reading him a bedtime story.
  • Kenny the Koala is enjoying his favorite story in the branches of a shady gum tree.
  • My magnificent Black Cockatoo is enjoying reading a good yarn.
  • Lastly, I painted Eccy who definitely loves a good read.


Check out these images on my Gallery page



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