How time seems to Fly away.

Time flies awayToday’s pace of life is so hectic, everyone says the same thing. There are just not enough hours in the day – family, friends, home, work, art, the garden. I know that I certainly could do with 48 hours in each day.
I always try to plan for ‘free time’ for my art but life always seems to get in the way; so I was inspired to write this small poem.

Time for ME!
Today I have some hours free
I plan to have some time for me.
I’ll paint and write
Creative juices take flight!
No milk, I have to shop
Surely not!
The house needs a clean
What do you mean!
Unexpected visitors at the door
My free hours are no more.
Now the Day is done,
Ah well I had some fun.

BUT tomorrow pleease
May I have some time for me!


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